It is what we do for over 10.000 childrean and youth every day.

Measuring and evaluating the impact of We Football’s action is vital in achieving our mission and purpose.
To ensure a robust system our impact framework is built with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in mind.
Doing so in a strategic, targeted way means we are able to strengthen our performance, account for impact, and enables us to communicate our activities through a common language towards common goals, while working closely with public, private and third sector organizations to support effective collective impact.


Girls and boys play and enjoy football everyday in Wf academies


Children reported that participating in WF sport activities has a positive impact on themselves, their family or community


Beneficiaries fell physically and emotionally safe at We Football


Of WF beneficiaries are girls who actively participate in sport activities


Of our coaches and educators make sure that girls voices and opinions are heard in and out of the pitch every day
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