We created a sustainable and
replicable model.

We want to enhance the quality and the impact of our programs in other disadvantaged areas.

The implementation of a We football Academy is based on piloting, monitoring, evaluating, learning and improving.


We collaborate with excellent local partner which guarantee a deep knowledge of the area and the communities


1 local partner for each academy.

The local partner owns or have direct access to a regular football pitch: safe, secure and playable.

All the partners must ensure that no discrimination – age, race, tribe, religion or belief, disability, sex and sexual orientation – is used in any process and activities.


100 children for each academy

Age range: from 9 to 15
Minimum 40 % are female

Children have a vulnerable background or they are part of a vulnerable community


All the selected players have free access to the academies, attend school and live in the community


All our the coaches are living in the local community and are seen as role model


1 Head coach and 2 assistant coaches for each academy

Trained by We Football – UEFAs curriculum.

They are physically fit and have completed a qualified training on life skills. They have signed We Football Child Protection Policy.

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