Philipo, 10 years old

My name is Philipo and I am 10 years old. I am living in a small village called Uwiro and I am going to Primary School. I like going to school and I like playing football. My grandmother always says that I have a gift. My mum abandoned me in a dump the very first […]

Tumaini, 16 years old

young girls play football

My name is Tumaini, I am 16 years old and I am going to Secondary School.   I was born in a boma and it makes me a Maasai girl. I have been told that my mum, the third wife of my dad, died to give me birth: my dad was not able to take […]

Rehema, 25 years old 

coaching youg football player in kenya

Hi everyone, my name is Rehema and I am a We Football mentor and educator. I was first approached by We Football people 6 years ago, while I was struggling to help my family in surviving in one of the poorest part of Nairobi, Kayole slum. I am actually still living in Kayole, but now […]

Byron, 24 years old

people in circle football pitch

My name is Byron and I am now a We Football coach and educator. When I was in Secondary school, I met this lady from Mombasa and I fell in love with her. This was my curse, as I got infected with HIV and since having being tested positive, I started being very depressed and […]

Baraka, 18 years old

your guys play football in kenya

My name is Baraka, which means “blessing” in Kiswahili, and a blessing is what happened to me 3 years ago.   I was born in a small rural village on the coast of Lake Victoria where my family and I were living in poverty. My five siblings and I were always hungry and thirsty, we […]

Kelly, 15 years old

young girl in kenya receive a shirt as a gift in a football pitch

My name is Kelly and I live in Kisumu. I used to be addicted to drugs because I was not going to school and my mum, who is also an addict, was not caring about me.   Since my first encounter with We Football academy staff last year, I have understand that there is a […]

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