Byron, 24 years old

My name is Byron and I am now a We Football coach and educator. When I was in Secondary school, I met this lady from Mombasa and I fell in love with her. This was my curse, as I got infected with HIV and since having being tested positive, I started being very depressed and lonely. My family treated me like a very sick man and, in the end, left me. I started living on the street, abusing of alcohol and other drugs.  

people in circle football pitch

However, one day, I saw a football pitch where some boys and girls were training. I got inside and I was approached by the coach who asked me what I was doing there. I told him my story and he decided that I could have been one of his helpers: I then started my training as We Football educators and since then I focused on teaching STDs prevention measures.  

I am now a very happy surviving-with-HIV man, who is helping other youth in not making the same mistakes of me, using one of the best tools to teach: sport

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