Rehema, 25 years old 

Hi everyone, my name is Rehema and I am a We Football mentor and educator. I was first approached by We Football people 6 years ago, while I was struggling to help my family in surviving in one of the poorest part of Nairobi, Kayole slum. I am actually still living in Kayole, but now I am able to help both my family and my community, thanks to We Football academy.  

coaching youg football player in kenya

In the past, I was prostituting myself in order to find that little money to feed my family and I was so frustrated and I did not know anything about contraception and HIV. I was lucky enough to neither get pregnant nor to get HIV infected, because I met We Football people soon enough and they helped me in understanding how dangerous my conduct was.  

Since then I work tirelessly in order to avoid that no girl or woman in the slum has to prostitute herself to feed their family, by helping in a football academy where girls, boys, men and women gather together to play sport, to discuss peacefully on their problems and to learn life skills and basic knowledge on HIV prevention and on other STDs prevention.

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