Philipo, 10 years old

My name is Philipo and I am 10 years old. I am living in a small village called Uwiro and I am going to Primary School. I like going to school and I like playing football. My grandmother always says that I have a gift. My mum abandoned me in a dump the very first day of my life and I have never met my dad, that is why I now live with my grandmother who is really old and cannot afford any football academy.  

Luckily enough last year, when I was 9, I met some people in a sport van who were going around my village: I stopped them in order to sell them some Maasai bracelets; I discovered that they were from We Football Academy and that they were trying to help some children just like me to help them playing football. I was so excited that I went home and said to my grandmother that I would have become a real footballer. She was really happy but was needing some clarifications, too.

Thus we met together with We Football staff and since that day I have never stopped training and learning plenty of things that will be so useful when I will grow up. Some of these things are really hard to understand now, but I anyway happy because now I can play football anytime I wish.  

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