Tumaini, 16 years old

My name is Tumaini, I am 16 years old and I am going to Secondary School.  

I was born in a boma and it makes me a Maasai girl. I have been told that my mum, the third wife of my dad, died to give me birth: my dad was not able to take care of me and none of the other wives were lactating when I was born, thus I spent my entire childhood in an community orphanage. Nobody was never coming to visit me from the village and then my “new mums and dads” decided that they should do something for me.  

young girls play football

Since I was very keen on football, they thought that sport could have helped me in my life and they started talking to We Football Academy about me and the organization came to visit me and to see me playing.  

They decided I was worthy and so I started training with them. Now, every time I train with We Football educators, I feel safe and I can play every day football while I am learning so much. When I will be a grown up, I want to start my own football academy in a Maasai Village in order to teach and educate my people on life skills and how to create a peaceful and conflict-free environment.  

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