Gianmarco Duina

We Football was born from the idea that we, together, can win any game.

We, as teammates, which within our academies means the players, the local staff and also the international trainers.
There is no relationship whereby trainers transfer skills unidirectionally, but there is a mutualistic system of exchange and collaboration whereby the flow of skills enriches each other.

The training course for coaches done at the opening of our academy in Zambia immediately highlighted these aspects: football is a practice that is nurtured by encounter, discussion, getting involved and experimenting, it is not an immobile factor.

Gianmarco Duina coaching We Football Academy in Ndola, Zambia – August 2023

The experience and technical background of our trainers was combined with the enthusiasm and passion of the 15 coaches we trained and saw put into practice by hundreds of boys and girls who not only embraced a new training method, but also showed that they were ready to carry the responsibility of representing We Football on their shoulders during each of their matches and training sessions.

Working with WE FOOTBALL means rediscovering the value of football on a daily basis, it means feeling like an ambassador of the sport and being a protagonist in using football as a tool for education, expression, inclusion and redemption. To go and score goals, together.

Gianmarco Duina during the training for coaches We Football Academy, Zambia – August 2023

Coach Gianmarco Duina

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