Ferruccio Nolli

I am a former professional footballer and have been a youth football coach for almost twenty years.

Dear readers, I would like to introduce myself and tell you about my wonderful experience in Zambia. At the beginning I was a bit worried because it was the first time I was teaching coaches in a new part of the world, but thanks to the Manager Michele Bianchi and my two co-workers Gianmarco and Lorenzo,

with whom I immediately established a good friendship, a great feeling and an excellent collaboration, I overcame all my fears. Both the coaches and the boys showed a lot of willingness to learn, thanks also to the enthusiasm that we all conveyed for this sport, which in Zambia is a source of motivation every day.

Ferruccio training the We Football Academy in Ndola, Zambia – August 2023

The coaches were very satisfied with my teaching and, under my supervision, they passed it on to their players and the results were immediately visible.

It has been a great experience both on a footballing and human level and has helped to boost my self-confidence. I thank my staff wholeheartedly and look forward to more opportunities for rewarding experiences like this.

Coach Ferruccio Nolli

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