FocuSport partnership


FocuSport has been working with sports clubs of different disciplines for many years. It operates with a team of sports psychologists who, in addition to having been athletes in different sports, are also football, karate, Baskin and Mindfulness trainers. FocuSport offers sports psychology services thanks to the many years of experience of its members. The […]

Gianmarco Duina

We Football was born from the idea that we, together, can win any game. We, as teammates, which within our academies means the players, the local staff and also the international trainers. There is no relationship whereby trainers transfer skills unidirectionally, but there is a mutualistic system of exchange and collaboration whereby the flow of […]

Ferruccio Nolli

I am a former professional footballer and have been a youth football coach for almost twenty years. Dear readers, I would like to introduce myself and tell you about my wonderful experience in Zambia. At the beginning I was a bit worried because it was the first time I was teaching coaches in a new […]

Philipo, 10 years old

My name is Philipo and I am 10 years old. I am living in a small village called Uwiro and I am going to Primary School. I like going to school and I like playing football. My grandmother always says that I have a gift. My mum abandoned me in a dump the very first […]

Tumaini, 16 years old

young girls play football

My name is Tumaini, I am 16 years old and I am going to Secondary School.   I was born in a boma and it makes me a Maasai girl. I have been told that my mum, the third wife of my dad, died to give me birth: my dad was not able to take […]

Rehema, 25 years old 

coaching youg football player in kenya

Hi everyone, my name is Rehema and I am a We Football mentor and educator. I was first approached by We Football people 6 years ago, while I was struggling to help my family in surviving in one of the poorest part of Nairobi, Kayole slum. I am actually still living in Kayole, but now […]

Byron, 24 years old

people in circle football pitch

My name is Byron and I am now a We Football coach and educator. When I was in Secondary school, I met this lady from Mombasa and I fell in love with her. This was my curse, as I got infected with HIV and since having being tested positive, I started being very depressed and […]

Baraka, 18 years old

your guys play football in kenya

My name is Baraka, which means “blessing” in Kiswahili, and a blessing is what happened to me 3 years ago.   I was born in a small rural village on the coast of Lake Victoria where my family and I were living in poverty. My five siblings and I were always hungry and thirsty, we […]

Kelly, 15 years old

young girl in kenya receive a shirt as a gift in a football pitch

My name is Kelly and I live in Kisumu. I used to be addicted to drugs because I was not going to school and my mum, who is also an addict, was not caring about me.   Since my first encounter with We Football academy staff last year, I have understand that there is a […]

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